Amazing Window Blinds Growth For Small Town

What Makes Us One Of The Fastest Growing Blinds Business Around! 

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Ontario Blinds is located in the Village of Glencoe Ontario. We do things the small town way but in a big way!

23 Years has been a long time for us to listen to what clients want when purchasing new blinds and shades for their homes. The horror stories we have heard is shocking. Massive Blind stores making claims that always have a catch! 

We have listened and tailored the way we do thinigs!
Your not just a client, rather friends by the time were finshed. 
23 Years has given us lots of time to listen to what our customers want 
 ​23 Years and counting..... I started this business when I was 19. This had given lots of time to listen to what people wanted when purchaing blinds. None of the big chain stores would do any of the things I am about to share woith you. Its simple....Just listen to what people want and you will be a huge success! 

Free Estimates 
Yes you heard right we have never ever charged a penny for in home estimates. . I couldn't imagine calling someone up to help you with blinds and they are already asking you for money just to come out to see you??? Really?.  I would say that about 70% of retail blinds stores charge because they only sell to 3-4 out of every 10 clients.  

Free Installation of Window Blinds and Shades
In 23 years we have never charged a penny for installations. Why? We have our own installers. Most but not all blinds retailers sub contract their blinds installtions. The sub contractor wants to be paid and so does the blind retailer. 

We make selecting Styles & Colours easy as pie!

Ever walked into a huge blinds retailer and walked out more confused then when you walked in? Or decided to educate yourself online? Its enough to make your head spin. And this is the biggest reason people call us for free in Home estimates. Selecting styles ad colours is something that has to be done right the first time!.  
You need to see blinds in Your home With your Lighting with Your Decor. a piece of computer paper is white right ? well kind of. if its laying on your desk or agaisnt a wall yes its white. Now hold it up to a window. Now its light blue. Seriously you need to try it ! 
Imagine selecting blinds that were attached to a wall or worse yet ordering online only to find out the colour changed when the light passes through it? 

Warranty that is legit and real 

So let's assume your shopping for blinds and you ask them. "Hey whats your warranty"??? Without fail every single dealer will say "Lifetime warranty". And 99% of the time thats pure BS. And i'm going to share with you exactly have to find out. Just gIve them a call and say "hey I have a quick questions about your blinds" ..."If the chain breaks in 10 years are you going to come out and fix it?? The reply will be... Oh sorry the chain or cord is good for 1 year only.  Ok next question... "If the fabric fades in 5 years are you going to replace it ? Oh sorry the fabric is only good for 2 years....
This is the part where you hang up the phone. The truth is the only part of most blinds that has a lifetime warranty is the brackets thats holds the blinds up!. 
Most but not alll of our blinds have a true lifetime warranty. However! Worst case if it was way past the warranty were not about to leave you hanging. We would be more then happy to get yout your part at cost and install ot free of charge! Otherwise when we say lifetime we mean lifetime! 

Awesome Prices !!
You hear of people who dropped $6000 or $10,000 or even higher! As far as we are concerned thats insane !!! For us depending on the size of your home we can do an entire houseful starting from 2499.99 Installed !!! This is based on 180 square feet of window area.  How do we do it? 
No retail stores.....No comissioned sales people. The fact that we come to see you in your home allows us to have the finanacial advantage that gets passed on to you. Which is also why we have some of the best priced blinds in Ontario With the highest quality materials. 

Oh and one last thing !! Canadian made Right in Toronto! 

In Home Estimates Are always FREE of Charge 
Thats right lets us install your blinds at No charge! 
We know exactly what styles and colour will be perfect for your home! We will make sure you get the privacy you need or the heating and cooling problems fixed with your amazing looking blinds! 
Our warrantys are to be honoured in your home! If we say lifetime, we mean lifetime warranty on every single part of the blind! We dont make you ship you blind off to another country to be repaired. We fix it in your home!
Awesome Prices ! 
No retail stores invloved Thats why! 
Canadian Made in Toronto  

9 out of 10 clients purchase from us....

All we had to do was listen ! 

 If your thinking about blinds in the future let us make the process as simple and easy as possible. We realize everyone is not made of gold. We want you to get the best possible blinds you can have that fits your budget! 


Book Your Free In Home Estimate 

Go ahead and fill out the form and will call you! We usually call you back in 1-2 days. At that time we can set up a day and time to slip out and see you. Don't worry we will work around your scheduale! We look forward to seeing you! 
We serve from London Ontario To Sarnia Ontario, down to Chatham Ontario up to Grand Bend area and Everywhere Between. If your in the 519 Area code we probabaly serve your area !